Tiller for Excel is Almost Here

Tiller for Excel Header.png

Tiller for Microsoft Excel is the world’s first service that automatically feeds daily personal finances into an Excel workbook.

Just like the award-winning Tiller for Google Sheets, it makes managing money in an Excel spreadsheet 10X faster and easier by eliminating multiple account logins, CSV exports, and manual data entry.

At launch, Tiller for Excel will support Excel 2016 and Excel Online. It includes the Tiller Money Tracker,  a streamlined Excel template that makes it easy to track your spending and income with ultra-customizable categories and automated daily transaction feeds.

Because Tiller feeds daily balances and transactions from bank, credit card, and brokerage accounts directly into your workbook, you can run custom reports, visualize financial trends, and manipulate your up-to-date financial data with all the flexibility and power of Excel.

Tiller for Excel is expected to launch in weeks. You can get earlier access by clicking here to sign up for the waitlist. Everyone who joins (and lives in the US) will also be entered to win a new Microsoft Surface Pro.

Why Tiller for Excel?

Tiller is guided by a core value: money matters because life matters more.
We believe when people gain control of their money, they better control their future.

Originally we set out to make a great financial app. But we soon realized that the people most confident about their finances preferred spreadsheets to manage their money.

And we discovered that for people who truly want to engage with their finances, nothing rivals the simplicity, flexibility, and power of spreadsheets. That’s why our mission is to make finance spreadsheets faster, easier, and more accessible for everyone.  

We’re incredibly excited to bring the speed and efficiency of Tiller’s financial feeds to the hundreds of millions of people who use and love Microsoft Excel.

If you already haven’t, join the waitlist here. You’ll hear from us soon.