Tiller Security

You securely authenticate with your Google account

When you create your Tiller account, you authenticate into Tiller using your Google (or Gmail) account. This ensures that no one can access your Tiller account unless they have access to your Google account. In addition to a secure password, we recommend enabling Google's 2-step authentication feature in your Google account. Learn more

Tiller has read-only access to your bank data

Tiller connects securely to your banks with the help of Yodlee, a third-party data partner. Your account credentials are encrypted in your browser and passed straight to Yodlee, and Tiller does not see or store your bank credentials. Yodlee provides a read-only token that gives Tiller’s servers visibility into your transactions. Tiller has no ability to move money. Yodlee is similarly focused on data security. Yodlee is a publicly traded company, and 9 of the 15 largest US banks rely on Yodlee to power their websites and protect customer account data.

Your data is encrypted

Tiller's servers encrypt your data with bank-grade 256-bit AES encryption. Our servers update your private Tiller Sheet each day, but you are the only person who will access or see what’s on your Google Sheet unless you choose to share your Sheet with others. Your data is only for you. And your Sheet will only ever be seen by you and with those whom you choose to share it. Period.

Tiller support can't see your data

No person on the Tiller team will see your private transaction data or your Google Sheet unless you specifically choose to share your data. You have the option, from your user dashboard, to share your account data with Tiller analysts to receive personalized spending insights. By default, users do not share any private data with Tiller analysts.

You are our customer

We do not sell your data to advertisers or third parties. Our users are our customers. Our business operates on the subscription fee we charge you for our service.