Where does your money go each week?


We built the Weekly Expense Tracker template to help you build awareness around your weekly spending. It's really easy to spend, but how easy is it to know where that money has really gone by the end of the week? A daily morning latte, filling up the gas tank, snacks for the kids on the car ride home. This expense tracker template will help you visualize where you're spending your money so you can understand areas where you can cut back, spend more or save.



The Weekly Expense Tracker Template

  • Set up your categories to reflect the way you think about your spending. 
  • Stay engaged by categorizing new transactions every few days.
  • Get an in depth review of your categorized spending for a selected date range with the Category Detail sheet.
  • Zoom in and visualize your spending for a specific category with the Category Charts sheet
  • Spot trends and visualize your spending across all categories with the Category Trends sheet.

Start Tracking Your Weekly Spending

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